Dear Peter

Our kitchen has recently been designed, manufactured, installed and completed by your staff to a standard and finish well beyond the expectations we held prior to our first contact with Kitchens by Peter Gill.  This quality of service is rarely experienced these days and we feel it is incumbent upon us to complement you and your staff and to highlight the service areas that built our confidence and satisfaction in our investment.

Design: We had contacted a number of other kitchen companies and all of them simply quoted on replacing existing cabinets and layout. At your Blackburn showroom, James demonstrated how, with relatively little structural alteration, we could achieve more space, light and functionality into our kitchen. We were able to incorporate a large pantry and gained much more bench space as a result. His trade background and practical approach was a great asset.

Price: Everybody likes a bargain – and after comparing flat pack and alternative installations, we are in no doubt that our kitchen by Peter Gill represented much greater value. We could never have obtained the quality, fit or finish with any of the alternatives.
Installation: Shortly after placing our order, Barry rand and confirmed delivery would be on 1st October. True to his word the cabinets were delivered that morning and installation began. The installer was well equipped and a true professional. Barry and Andy did the finishing touches and demonstrated the attention to detail your organisation truly deserves.

Throughout this project, James has kept in touch and offered helpful advice to us particularly during the preparation stage to ensure a smooth transition between trades in readiness for the kitchen installation. Our recommendation to anyone seeking a kitchen replacement will be to forget the ordinary and contact your designers for their “dream” kitchen.

Many Thanks, Richard & Jenny

Richard and Jenny, Victoria

Peter and Cameron are father and son
Their attention to detail is second to none
The beautiful kitchen that they have designed
Has all of our needs in mind
We don’t like corners so they didn’t give us any
We wanted drawers so they gave us many
There were a few misunderstandings along the way
But it was all worked out on the day
Steve did a wonderful job on the floor
And finished the architrave around the door
He installed the cupboards above and below
In which I have lots to stow
Ron and Doug did their bit
But Steve did most of it
They moved the duct so the heat would flow
But it’s under the pantry so no-one will know
You help each other to get the job done
And along the way have some fun
This kitchen is everything we wanted it to be
So a big thank you from Neville and me

Neville & I, renovated kitchen in Victoria