Kitchens by Peter Gill – Victoria’s best modern and country kitchens

At Kitchens by Peter Gill we understand that an exceptional kitchen design should combine functionality with style. Since the 1970’s our kitchen designs have been regarded as arguably the finest designs in Melbourne, and throughout Australia. That’s why when you choose Kitchens by Peter Gill you can be confident you will be dealing with the best modern kitchen designers in the industry. From creative concept to superior manufacture and expert installation, our consistently outstanding results mean your kitchen renovations will exceed all expectations.

Your kitchen – your dream design – your lifestyle.

It’s no secret that a kitchen design should reflect your style and embrace your lifestyle. Our experienced kitchen designers want to hear about your ideas and discuss how we can make your vision a reality. It may mean adding a window to increase light, exchanging one room for another, or taking away a wall to create a new and unique dining space. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination and most importantly, determined by the way you want to use your kitchen.

For example, will your kitchen be a hive of family activity or a study in cutting edge innovation? Do you want your kitchen to be a warm and welcoming space in the traditional farmhouse style, or a showcase for the latest trends where modern cuisine is created in a chic atmosphere? No matter what your style, it’s not until you are completely happy with the design that we will, design and develop drawings to encapsulate all of your desires and needs for your dream kitchen design. Whether you imagine an ultra-modern kitchen, love the traditional country style kitchen, or a more contemporary feel, we will create a kitchen design and look that is truly you.

Peace of Mind when it comes to Special Needs

Do you or a member of your family have special requirements which need to be catered for? Our designers are qualified to design kitchens for people with a disability, so functionality safety and above all, peace of mind is assured.

Invaluable Advice on your Style Palette.

Are you overwhelmed or confused by the choice in colours, textures and finishes? At Kitchens by Peter Gill our staff are experts when it comes to the latest products on the market. We can provide specialist advice on colour selections to either blend with your existing rooms or we take you through the possibilities of a unique approach to some new and creative fusions of colour. We can also guide you through selecting the right finishes for your benchtops like stone, granite, laminate or timber as well as discussing your preferences for floor coverings – taking into consideration the best choice for your kitchen’s style and functionality. At Kitchens by Peter Gill we will craft the best kitchen, designed to integrate different finishes, fittings, colours and appliances so that it not only stands alone as an exceptional kitchen design but merges beautifully with the overall look and feel of your entire home.

Excellence in Kitchen Design and Construction.

At Kitchens by Peter Gill we not only apply our superior standards to our kitchen designs we also carry them through to the construction phase of every project. Once you have signed off the design only then do we start the production of your modern or country style kitchen, in our own plant here in Bayswater, Melbourne, ensuring you piece of mind that quality and craftsmanship of all our products is guaranteed. We then deliver and install your new kitchen expertly and efficiently.

Our superior service encompasses every stage of your project. Technical aspects like the plumbing and electrical requirements are meticulously planned from the beginning where accurate provision for these trades is vital to the success of the project. Indeed, our fully qualified tradespeople are selected for their superior workmanship, reliability and relentless attention to detail. So when you engage Kitchens by Peter Gill to undertake your new kitchen, or kitchen renovations, you can be assured of receiving the best kitchen designs in Melbourne, an exceptionally high level of experience and expertise, complimented with quality customer care and service, from start to finish.


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Working with your builder – a successful partnership

If you thought that already having a builder restricts your design possibilities – think again. You can have a unique personalised kitchen designed by us – working in conjunction and seamlessly with your builder. Years of experience in successful partnerships with builders gives us the edge when it comes to collaborative projects – so you can be confident that we will work effectively with your builder to achieve outstanding results.

Design Solutions for Developers

Are you a builder developing a block of units or townhouses and require the kitchens and bathrooms designed? Kitchens by Peter Gill will ensure creative designs and superior results ensuring your project proceeds efficiently and effectively on time and on budget.